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Welcome to THE STUDIO. Here you can access all my production facilities remotely.

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About The Studio

This state of the art studio on the north coast of Scotland combines vintage analogue equipment with some of the most cutting edge digital gear to create a stunning hybrid recording/production


With microphones such as Neumann U87's running through

Neve 1081 channels and being processed with plugins such

as the full UAD back catalogue, it creates the warmth and

clarity that defines any audio recording. 

Explore some of the studios services below:



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The studio is equipped with some of the finest recording equipment ready to meet your production needs.


Whether you’re a singer needing instrumentation added to your song or you need large scale recordings for commercial use, get in touch to discuss what we can do together.

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Looking for Mixing & Editing? 

Whether you need your next record mixed, a podcast or audio book edited or anything inbetween - get in touch and discuss your mixing & editing needs.

Mixing & Editing

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Are you a telented songwriter but not a confident musician or performer? No problem. I regularly turn songwriter's visions into finished productions. What often starts with a writer humming a melody into a voice note on a phone, ends up as a polished full production song, mixed, mastered and ready for release.  


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Sound Design

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Get In Touch

Sound Design

Do you have a unique project that needs an original sound scape 

designed to create the perfect atmosphere? I work with many different art forms from directors/play writes who need a sound scape for their shows or game designers who need sound designed specifically for their games and lots more inbetween. 

Laptop and Computer Mouse


& Learning

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Timberly Williams

Consultancy & Learning

The world of audio production can be daunting and complex if you are unfamilliar with it. From large scale companies needing sound/audio solutions to bedroom enthusiasts looking to get started in the world of recording - get in touch to discuss booking an online consultancy meeting or training session.

Looking for advice on how to take your audio production to the next level?

I love the art of production and always enjoy discussing projects - if you've any questions about how to progress with your audio needs, get in touch. Alternatively, check out my blog which has some helpful tips and content on the world of recording. 

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